Request your own hair professional anytime, anywhere!

Our Story

My vision is to allow customers to request their very own hair professional whenever and wherever they want. I strive to help hair professionals increase their clientele and to deliver on location hair services to customers – so that no-one is left out of the chance to have a great hair service! I hope to be able to deliver hair services to those that are unable to leave their homes due to accessibility issues, or just for a more convenient hair services experience. 

I have been working on accelerating this service since 2019 during my time in college as a sophomore. My idea stems from having to wait for a haircut in my hometown barbershop and it would be hindered by my personal schedule. I thought, “If high-valued customers can request their personal hair professionals to them, why can’t everyone have that choice?”

Ever since then, I have gone through two shark-tank events. One in my college and one that was hosted by Marist College, which was regional. I became a finalist in both competitions but lost both. However, this didn’t stop me from creating something that I think will change the world of on-demand scheduling apps for handling hair!